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 All new Admins read this !!

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Killer *P.R.O*
Killer *P.R.O*

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PostSubject: All new Admins read this !!   17th March 2011, 3:12 am

All new admins, please follow this rules.

Before baning or kicking someone please record a Demo or get a Snapshot. If someone get's ban or kicked without proof Your admins will be taken with NO REFUND.

Here is how you can take Videos during the game. If you think some one is cheating just go to Spectate and than to Console. After than type in the Coonsole "Record <name of the file>". To take a snapshot go to Google and Downlod "Fraps". Open the program join the game and press the shortcut key to take snapshots. To prove yourself right upload that pictures in a "Ban Request post".

Here are few more rules:

1) No Admin Abuse! ( means do not use admin for your own use ) or ( on someone for no reason )

2) Respect the Players and use appropriate language with them.

3) Help Players.

4) No cheating ( this also can cause you to loss your admin privilege)

5) Do not talk shitty about the servers ( this can cause you to get BAN from FORUMS and SERVERS)

Thank you
GoKu Wink
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PostSubject: Re: All new Admins read this !!   29th September 2011, 3:55 pm

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All new Admins read this !!
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